Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whew! It's a Brain Melt Down!

The Extending TIM 4.6 Class is definately a worth while class to take. At first I was a bit skeptical, but Day 2 and 3 got pretty involved. In fact each day the material gets more complex and the labs are pretty much all JavaScript. You should be very comfortable with TIM basics before you take the class because when things don't work in the class you will not want to fall behind because you don't know where to go to troubleshoot and debug stuff. The amount of time allocated for this class is pretty good (4 days). We could make use of a 5th day I think, but by then you will understand the concepts. No that I've been in the "weeds" a bit with TIM I can see that it must be very difficult to develop a course for TIM. So much of what you do with the product depends on so many different factors number one being the condition of your data. In the lab all the sources of identity information (CSV Files, DB2 Databases, etc...) have been pre configured with perfectly clean information (no duplicates, all attributes populated) and still things fail to work properly.

If you take the class you'll have lot's of workflows to do. I think between ACIs and Workflows, you can wrap your brain around those two things then the rest is easy. I would say definately include the Extending Tivoli Identity Manager 4.6 in your training plan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck,

Just came back from the Extending TIM and so far it has been the best class yet. You are 100% correct about both the complexity and the fact that there are problems even with the data being clean.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

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