Sunday, March 25, 2007

Welcome to my Blogs New Home

Since I changed jobs last month I've been looking for a new home for my blog. I used to host this at my former employer on a Domino server. I used to be a Lotus Domino Administrator so running my blog on a Domino box made sense to me. And Domino is a great platform for collaboration apps like blogs so it was a "no brainer". As gracious as my former employer was in continuing to host my blog for a while after my leaving, it was still necessary to move it.

I had something all lined up to host it on another Domino server run by a different company and then there was the option of hosting it at my new employer's Domino server as well. All this indecision is why there have been so few postings to this blog lately. This content resides at my old employer, my new employer and now here not because I like to copy this content multiple times, but because I was hoping to continue running this on Domino.

I switched to blogger because Google offers some pretty cool functionality along with the new googlepages all for free. So I can create regular web pages and store my attachments like documentation I compile, cheat sheets, and code snippets on googlepages and link to this content from the blog. These tools are actually faster than the experience I was having with the Domino blog using my Notes client as the blog admin tool. Still it was nice having the blog self contained in a single NSF file, but I decided to give blogger a whirl. I'm looking into creating a twiki that I can link to the blog and my googlepages as well.

Now that the blog has finally moved I look forward to posting more again.

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