Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adaper Hangs

Every TIM class seems to spend some time working with the standard Linux Adapter. It is one of the simplest to work with for doing some basic provisioning and testing. Wouldn't you know this happens to be one that gives me trouble. I'm using what I think is the latest Linux Adapter v 4.6.3 that I downloaded from the Partnerworld web site. For some reason this thing is a little flaky for me. The doc says it is supported on SLES 9 which is what I'm using. I'm using it on the server that happens to be running TIM. Initially it starts up fine. I can run the agentCfg program to configure it. Then in TIM I test connectivity to it just fine. I then tried a recon and it just hangs indefinitely. There is no log output regarding the recon in either the trace.log or the adapter log. I re-installed the adapter a couple of times with failed tests in between. The latest attempt at working with it I restarted Linux. Then before starting TIM I bumped up the logging level in

I started the agent and bumped up the logging for the adapter. Then I started up LDAP and TIM. Again I tested the TIM Linux Service to see that it connects to the Adapter just fine. I do a recon and this time the stupid thing started to work. I completed a recon successfully. But then I try to get into the agent config:

./agentCFG -agent LinuxAgent

And the tool hangs. Even if I stop the agent and start the agent I still cannot get into agent configuration unless I do something more dramatic like reboot the server. Sometimes if I stop the agent and leave it down for a while, then start it back up it seems OK. VooDoo.


Dhiliph said...

hi can you please provide me info about where you have downloaded the linux agent 4.6.3. I am in damn need of that agent if you provide me the link i would be more thankful to you.


Charles Ahart said...

Are you in need of that specific agent (4.6.3) for a reason? There are newer agents available on the Passport web site. There is v4.6.9 for Unix/Linux part # C14BCML and then of course there is the one for TIM 5.0.