Monday, March 26, 2007

Day one at Extending TIM 4.6

I'm on the fence so far about the Extending TIM class. The first day was pretty much all review about LDAP and basic TIM stuff. I really did not learn much yet. The latter half of the day we did labs which was OK because we worked on ITIM Data feeds using TDI. One good thing about this was that we configured a different way to feed manager attributes into TIM than the way I've seen before. I also had problems with my provisioning policy due to a typo in some JavaScript in TDI. It didn't take long to find that, but My TDI Feed still didn't work right. The feed connects to a CSV file to pull most typical user attributes like the cn, department, sn, title and hire date. Then the AL connects to a DB2 table to lookup the person's security clearance. The Solution implements a typical TIM Event Handler so that when you recon the TDI Feed Service in TIM the users get pulled into the the TIM Org Tree. There was a sample placement rule for the lab that placed users in the org tree based upon their departmentnumber attribute.

Problem: In addition to a typo in the JavaScript, I also had a typo in the Org Unit name of one of the OU's. So when I ran the assembly line most of the users were placed into TIM correctly except for the users who belonged into the OU that was spelled wrong. So I fixed the mis-spelling and re-ran the AL. No go. The users still did not get placed properly. I restarted TIM tried again and it still failed. Then I restarted TDS and TIM and tried again. Still failed. I checked the TDI Assembly Line, restarted the Event Handler and still no go. So finally I decided to delete all the users in TIM who were placed at the top level. When I ran the recon again, this time it worked.

Solution: Sometimes you just have to delete the people who are in the tree incorrectly and re-run the reconciliation. Go figure. So this is definitely something I learned today which I would never had learned without first having a typo in an Org Unit!

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