Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Update to SSO for WPM and WebSEAL

I re-visited some of my past posts on this topic and I suspect that I may have failed to mentions some of the steps I took to make this work. Part of the issue is that IBM has a document on how to do SSO for WPM and WebSEAL, but it involves TAMeB 5.1. I'm using the newer stuff so I needed to use some documentation on creating a junction to WAS 6 using TAI or TAI++ as well as figure out how to do SSO with WPM. When I first tried this I attempted to use TAI. It almost worked, but I kept having problems logging in as sec_master. I could login as other TAM users just fine though. I then tried using TAI++ and everything worked great. Now in my customer environments we will be using a TAM authorization server so I made sure to setup an Auth server in my sandbox (development) environment as well so I'm not sure you will be able to follow the new instructions if you don't have an authorization server. The jury is still out on that. Anyhow, I uploaded a pdf to my Googlepages here if your interested.


Raj said...

Hi Charles,
You wrote in your blog "IBM has a document on how to do SSO for WPM and WebSEAL, but it involves TAMeB 5.1". Can you please post the link to this doc. I wanted to find out if TAM uses LTPA for SSO with WPM or its still relying on TAI++ for SSO in TAM5.1.


Anonymous said...

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