Monday, January 8, 2007

TIM/TAM Helpful docs

A bit dated, but still very useful, this Identity and Access Management solutions document is a good read. Well it's not exactly the latest Dean Koontz novel, but as geek material goes it is pretty good. This will walk you through the entire process of design and implementation of a fairly simple ITIM and TAM solution.

Also, if you have any Portal developers on staff then you may want to pass alonng these docs for using the ITIM API to develop password management and self care in Portal:


Anonymous said...

I have a Great Lockheed Martin Opportunity for anyone interested. TIM/TAM relocation expenses included.

Muhammmad Ansar Javed said...

I am new to Tivoli products, I want to configure TIM 5.1 and TAM6.1 with each other, both the integrated systems are working separately on different machines. operating system Redhat. can you guide me.