Sunday, January 7, 2007

Planning your TIM/TAM Server Environment

If your trying to deploy TIM and TAM the one thing it seems you cannot get away from is lots of servers. If your doing your project for thousands of users then plan on setting up 3 environments:

Sandbox (development)


Your Sandbox environment is where you will do your initial development and testing. This does not require a lot of physical servers, but will require VMs so expect to make an investment in memory. The sandbox may contain a test version of many of your target resources even so it's not just TIM and TAM you have to consider. My sandbox is a Dell PowerEdge 2650. It's a Dual Xeon machine with 12GB RAM and 250GB RAID 5. The Host OS is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. VMWare GSX Server runs 12 VMs on this box. I figure on being able to run about 16 VMs max. Here's my list of sandbox servers:

TAM Policy Server (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 10GB Virtual Disk)
TAM Authorization Server (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 10GB Virtual Disk)
TAM WebSeal Server (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 10GB Virtual Disk)
TAM WPM Server (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 10GB Virtual Disk)
TDS Server 1 (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 8GB Virtual Disk)
TDS Server 2 (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 8GB Virtual Disk)
ITIM Server (SLES 9, 2GB RAM, 8GB Virtual Disk)
Active Directory Server 1 (Windows Server 2003 Std, 1GB RAM, 8GB Virtual Disk)
Active Directory Server 2 (Windows Server 2003 Std, 1GB RAM, 8GB Virtual Disk) *Also have Domino 6.5 installed for some testing
Novell eDirectory Server 1 (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 8GB Virtual Disk)
Domino Server 1 (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 8GB Virtual Disk)
TDI Server 1 (Windows 2000, 1GB RAM, 20GB Disk)


The test environment needs to more closely mirror your production environment. In this environment you should be testing the processes and code developed in your sandbox against target resources that closely emulate production target resources. You may have test portal servers in this environment as well. This environment may also be a part of other peoples test environments. In my case the Portal Development Team will have to place their test Portal systems behind the TAM Test security environment. We will have to have the Test ITIM system provision users to the Test Portal and other Test resources that other departments use this way the other teams affected by TIM and TAM can work closely with us for testing before things get moved to production. I have not yet set this environment up yet, but when I do it might look something like this:

TAM Policy Server (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 20GB Virtual Disk)
TAM Authorization Server (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 20GB Virtual Disk)
TAM WebSeal Server 1 (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 20GB Virtual Disk)
TAM WebSeal Server 2 (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 20GB Virtual Disk)
TAM WPM Server (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 20GB Virtual Disk)
TDS Server 1 (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 40GB Virtual Disk)
TDS Server 2 (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 40GB Virtual Disk)
ITIM Server (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 20GB Virtual Disk)
ITIM LDAP (SLES 9, 1GB RAM, 40GB Virtual Disk)
ITIM DB Server (SLES 9, 2GB RAM, 40GB Virtual Disk)
TDI Server (Windows 2003 Std, 2GB RAM, 40GB Virtual Disk)

Other Servers - Test servers acting as managed resources or feeds belonging to other support teams could include Domino, WebSphere, Novell, Active Directory, and several others. These servers should be managed by the various support teams that support these systems in production.


Since we are still doing the architecture project in our environment I'll post something about the production servers later. It will look a lot like the Test environment, however we will also be using load balancers for the items that are being clustered (TDS and WebSeal).


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