Friday, January 26, 2007

Next up Portal, Sametime and QuickPlace with TAM

So our Sandbox environment is ever expanding. Since we are running WebSphere Portal, Domino, Sametime, and QuickPlace in production we must start to test all of these in our sandbox so that we can verify that things will work behind WebSEAL. We know WAS works well with TAI++ so it should be a "no brainer" to get a Portal server in line as well.

Or so we thought. We are running Portal 5.1.03 on Linux for zSeries (currently SLES 8). For some reason this guy is giving us some real problems. Again at the section where we need to do AMJrte configuration there are a bunch of errors on GSKit and other errors related to a missing RPM and some other dependancy checks apparently failing. This is a bit different from my WPM server which is running WAS 6 on SLES 9 x86. Well, maybe I'll let my colleague wrestle with this one. :-)

In the meantime I'm in the process of setting up a Sametime and QuickPlace server to accompany the Domino mail server in our sandbox. Need to test SSO between WebSEAL, Portal, and these Domino applications to make sure they will work the way we think they will. For the most part QuickPlace and Sametime will use LTPA just the way the Domino mail server I already setup works. But we need to see how well these will work when Portal is surfacing QP and ST stuff through portlets.

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Hitesh said...

Hi Charles
This is Hitesh from India WebSphere Application Server and Portal Server Admin...
We have similar sort of infrastructure with TAM 6.0 ,WebSphere Portal 6.0 and Sametime 7.5
We have a sametime server 7.5.1 behind two webseals. One webseal is in DMZ and another is in internal domain. Also sametime is integrated with WebSphere Portal v6.0

The problem we are facing is that, we need to mention only a single entry in stlinks.js for the webseal that will be before sametime.
So, due to this, instant messaging of sametime through portal work only with a single webseal whose entry we have in stlinks.js.
But we want to acheive that the instant messaging should work through both the webseal.

Any help on how to do this is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards