Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lotus Notes Adapter for ITIM - Some more guesswork

There is some pretty important information missing from the Lotus Notes Adapter for ITIM Here:

1.) Create some Domino databases for the Deny Access Log database and the Notes ID Address Book in particular. But no mention of what template should be used. So what will I use this for? Will I need any particular views in these databases? An IBM tech support rep told me blank databases should be fine. Well then, why didn't the document simply mention that?

2.) Create some Domino groups like, Suspend Group, Suspend HTTP Group, and Delete Group. Ya think they might mention why the three groups? I mean what's wrong with using one group? Is it that important to have these separate?

3.) Then the instructions tell you to install the Shadow Agent using setup.exe. This is wrong because the Shadow Agent is installed using setupShadowAgent.exe. Of course this fails unless you happen to have installed an old JRE that has probably reached end of life. Now if my latest and greatest JRE was fine for installing the adapter, what were they thinking when creating this shadow agent? BTW, the shadow agent did install once I downloaded and installed JRE 1.3.1_19.

I get the feeling that the instructions for this adapter was written by someone who has not done a lot with Domino either.

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ntokozo said...

I agree with you, I have installed the adapter a number of times and I cant get it's service to start.

I've un-installed removed all registry entries and still no luck, yep

Any pointers?