Monday, November 20, 2006 Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL:

OK so we got a step closer today with using TDI 6.1 to feed identities to ITIM. After applying FP0025 and IF0028 to ITIM I can now connect to ITIM using the JNDI connector in TDI. The only problem is when I try to run the assembly line it fails with the error message above. It seems like it has something to do with the URL, but I'm using what's suggested in the example documents. BTW, the only place I've found an actual example of setting up the connector to ITIM is in TDI_HOME\examples\idi_integration. There's an HTML document that shows how to do this, however it's assuming you are using TDI 6.0. I understand that it may be pure luck to get this to work in TDI 6.1, but IBM hasn't told me this can't be done so I'm going to try anyhow.

I did install TDI 6.0 on another machine I have sitting near by. If this trouble drags out too long I may just try doing this on the other machine.


Kalish said...

Hi Charles,
I am trying to Feeds data from MYSQL to TIM using TDIV6.0.
MYSQL to TDI Input Connector is JBDC.
TDI to TIM Output Connector is JNDI.
After ran the event handler getting the below mentioned error...
How to Solve this Prob
" Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL:"
Thx in Advance.

Mohan said...

Hi Charles,

I am getting the same error as well.Can you let me know what did you do fix this


Sripal Sama said...

I got the same exception and could fix it by changing the authentication type to 'Simple'. It was 'Anonymous' and it worked. Make sure you give same user name and password too :)