Friday, November 17, 2006

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Now that I've had the time to play around with the ITIM organization tree it seemed like a good time to experiment with feeds. First I created the organizational units and locations needed to contain user accounts. I created some roles and services one being the IDI Feed service (DSMLv2). I have to say that the documentation with TDI and ITIM talks about the planning items that go into choosing a feed type and such but it's nearly impossible to find a document that shows you exactly how to do this step by step. I am taking some of the Tivoli on-line courses to get familiar with ITIM at and they have a nice lab on setting this up. Problem is it's using TDI 6.0. I'm using TDI 6.1. So as the lab tells you to create an event handler this is not possible in TDI 6.1. So I proceed to improvise.

The TDI 6.1 documentation does not have a section on how to connect to ITIM. You would think that someone would have included a section like this, but hence that is not the case. I found one place where I could find help and you wouldn't know it's there unless you remembered to check the TDI 6.1 install directory. In there is an /examples/idi_integration/ folder. I found examples of how to use the JNDI connector to connect to ITIM. but guess what. It doesn't work.

The ITIM DSMLv2Connector code (ITIM's dsml2 JNDI driver) was removed from TDI in the 6.1 release. Why the big mystery. According to IBM they are working on a fix for this which should be available in the near future. So what the heck do I do in the meantime? I don't know how easy it is to run TDI 6.1 and TDI 6.0 on the same machine, but that sounds like a hassle I would like to avoid. I really don't desire setting up a whole separate machine for TDI 6.0 either but I'm not sure I will have a choice. It just irks me that this stuff does not work better than it does. It's bad enough that we need specific patches and fix packs for every single component in order for things to work. Nothing works out of the box and then you think going to the latest version of software is a no brainer and surprise!

Stay tuned.

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bitfinfo said...

I am new to Tivoli. We are coding an application in Java using JNDI. We are using Sun's standard com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory, but would like to get schema information from LDAP Attributes, via calls like "Attribute.getAttributeDefinition()", however Sun's BasicAttribute implementation throws UnsupportedOperationExceptions.

The question is, does TDS 6.1 have custom JNDI drivers that we could use instead which would properly implement these methods to give us the extended info we need? If so how can we get them? Are they in a Jar somewhere we can download?