Thursday, November 2, 2006

AMQ6090: WebSphere MQ was unable to display an error message 20006220

So have you ever heard of software generating an error message saying it was unable to display an error message?

This is what I ended up with after finally getting through all the WAS 5.1 fix packs. The ITIM 4.6 documentation claims that it requires WAS 5.1 with Fix Pack 1, Cumulative Fix 3, and APARs PK00346, PK02976, PK02640. Wow, that's a mouth full of fix packs. I installed WAS with the embedded messaging and one of the tests for a successful install after applying all the fix packs is to start WAS and then check to verify that the embedded messaging queue manager is running. When I typed dspmq I got the brilliantly informative error message. Or should I say non error message?

IBM Technote #1182138 describes a bunch of steps to take if you are running SLES 9 for your WAS 5.1 server. Most of the steps are just temporary until the aforementioned fix packs are applied. One of the optional steps was this:

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.19

In the technote you could export this variable or you could do this:


I opted for the later in my install and never did the export until I tried verifying the installation. So a bit of help from Google and it seems the technote failed to mention that the export is actually necessary to allow the embedded messaging queue manager to run.

Oh well chalk it up to the completeness of IBM's documentation or the lack there of. Bottom line is...

Do the export. And do your self the favor of adding this to a /etc/bash.bashrc.local.

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