Monday, May 19, 2008

Pulse Business Partner Day

OK, so not quite the excitement that a typical Lotusphere event would be. Last night I camped out at the ESPN Zone like I would any Lotusphere for the Turtle party. Obviously no party really, just lots of people waiting in line to eat dinner even up until after 10:30pm.

I'm staying at the Port Orleans Riverside so to get to the Board Walk, naturally I Disney Bused it. See, this time of year theres a lot more families around so it is busier in general than around the time Lotusphere runs so traveling to the board walk was like ano hour ordeal.

The Business Partner Summit was not exactly a jaw dropping experience. I met a lot of people which was nice and we got some advance word on what the general message was going to be this week. This apparently is the first time Tivoli has brought all the software including Maximo under one conference so I guess it feels a little like a Lotusphere from right after 911. Over 800 Business Partners and about 4000 customers so not bad. The BP Welcome Reception was great. Finally I got to meet up with my "peeps". Up until then I figured I was the only Sirius employee at the conference. Turns out we have 6 or 7 of us attending this year.

Many thanks to Mike James (our channels rep) who sported for Dinner at Shula's tonight. Their 12oz filet was top notch. The Pinot Nior wasn't bad either. ;-)

Well after dinner the old folks had to turn in so I meandered around in search of after dinner festivities. Mind you I'm a trained conference attendee so if there is a party I will sniff it out. I have my old friend Bill Brown to thank for this rare skill. Anyhow, I noticed a nice crowd forming at the Blue Zoo down stairs at the Dolphin. When you see a potential party like this the key is to assume you belong there. Walk up to the waitresses at the club entrance and ask which way to the party. Without question your wrist will be fitted with some fruity colored arm band and your drink order filled. Whomever was hosting that gig, thank you very much for the Amstel Lights!

Well, it really was a productive day anyhow. I was on the job registered by 9:30am and planning my week as I normally do for a good conference. All in all it was a slow start, not the big bang that Lotusphere usually is, but hey maybe the opening general session will get things going.

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