Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dinner at the Blue Zoo

One of the greatest benefits of a conference is to get your colleagues and business associates together in the same place long enough to learn more about each other and to figure out ways we can help each other. Again, tonight Mike James came through with a fantastic dinner at the Blue Zoo. I guess they are known for their sea food so naturally I had some fish. The Scallops were just awesome. I had the Corvina with some kind of warm crab and mustard sauce which was excellent. Oh and the Pinot Noir was again very good here.

The Sirius Tivoli Security contingency along with our IBM friends. On the right side of the table from the front is Jeff Whitehead, then Keith Zunker, Mike James (Host), myself, then Bob Ramsey. From the left side we have Larry Miller, cant remember, Moe, Bill Steadman, and Tim Nicolaou and finaly at the far end of the table Brian Ebersol.

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