Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DPRA url's

I downloaded the latest version of the Desktop Password Reset Adapter from IBM just the other day. It's version 6.00 Rollup D. First of all since when are they starting to use this "rollup" terminology? When you install this code, the web pages for the DPRA Management console say 6.0.04 or something to that effect. Even the base code which today is 6.0.05 suddenly is now referred to as Rollup E. WTF?

Well, lets get to the real point of this post... The documentation. I noticed that still the DPRA Client Install Guide has one of the URLs wrong on page 9. The first time I installed this a while back this drove me crazy. I finally noticed on the actual web service in IIS that there was no such file enrollments.aspx. The file name is enrolluser.aspx. Come on guys, can you at least fix the inaccuracies in this documentation already??? And why would they list the URLs in a different order than that in which the client software asks for them? Luckily after I had figured this out the first time I made notes for later.

Anyhow here is what is on page 9:

Here is what the URLs need to be in the order the client asks for them:


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