Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another cool Tivoli dude!

I always try to make a point to mention some people I meet every now and then because the network of Tivoli security folks does not appear to be very large. And in this case it just goes to show it really is a small world out there. I recently created a few PMR's to troubleshoot some issues I was having with TAM eSSO. By luck my level 2 support guy assigned to the call was a former Buffalonian!

Sey Gan lived right in North Amherst for about 12 years and landed a job with IBM Tivoli some time ago. And lucky for me he is a darn good TAM eSSO guy working level 2 tech support. Sey gave me some great tips and helped me work through a few problems. It's always nice to have good tech support from IBM, but it's even nicer when you discover they are from your own neck of the woods too. Of course I'm sure Sey is very much enjoying the nicer weather out in Costa Mesa, CA. But hey, we in Buffalo don't have forest fires and we certainly don't have any shortage of fresh water! Even better you can still get a pint of beer here for under $3.00.


kevin said...

Hi Charles
Im studying and working for a company that work with Tivoli manager. I send about half my time studying and then the other half working on Itim clean up. Im also been get to play with some Itim problems . So im look at finding a network of people who I be abel to help me with some the question I have with this, if you have any good ideas on where best place to find help on these problems or people like your self who would be abel to help me in work and studying, I would very greatful.

Charles Ahart said...

Hi Kevin,

Feel free to e-mail any questions you have or just post your questions to the blog. I'll do my best to answer them. There is one thing I can say about the Tivoli software and that is no one has all the answers. But, what I can not answer I'm sure I can find someone with the answer.