Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TIM Server

It's been a few days since I've posted, but with the weather related issues going on around here there's not much to talk about besides the weather. The past few days I've continued to work on getting TIM installed on our test server. I'm just installing everything on one Linux server for now just to try and keep it simple. Yet, this so far has not been so simple. DB2 installed OK it appears, but then when I got to the steps to install TDS things started going south. I sent this to IBM Tech Support just to get another set of eyes on the problem.

I'm following the instructions for installing ITIM 4.6, more specifically the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager: Server Installation and Configuration Guide for WebSphere Environments. So far this experience has left little to be desired. Chapter 2: Installing and configuring a database was not too bad. We installed DB2 successfully although the step to run db2fs does not work. We just got an error. I forged ahead and successfully created a database for ITIM and db2 started up ok etc...

Next the instructions say to install TDS 6.0. This code came from the passport site bundled with ITIM 4.6. It's included with one of the supplemental packages. When installing TDS it saw that DB2 was already installed. This process allowed me to create an instance (idsldap) and it automatically created a Linux user and group with the same name. Next, I applied FP 00003 which I downloaded from the support web site. At this point the instructions say to stop and start LDAP using ibmdirctrl -D admindn -w adminpw -h hostname -p port, etc.... This doesn't work. It just says something like "can't contact the ldap" or something like that. Also in the instructions it says to create the suffix using idscfgsuf . This doesn't work either. I can't even find any file on the linux machine with this name at all. While the instructions don't say to do this, I opted to try creating the suffix using idsxcfg instead. This worked just fine as I've done it this way in the past. Finally since starting the LDAP does not work using ibmdirctrl I instead started up LDAP using idsslapd - I idsldap. This worked, but the LDAP would only start in configuration only mode. Now I figured that maybe this is because the suffix name still has to be added to the directory. So next according to the instructions it says to make an ldif of my suffix and do an ldapadd. This too fails. Then I figured instead I'll try starting up the web administration tool and add it that way. Again a failure. The web server starts up, but when I try to web to the server on port 12100 I get a "page cannot be displayed".

My intention was to get an ITIM server up and running to learn it. We are starting the architecture phase of our project in the next 3 weeks, but in the meantime I wanted to learn. My plan for this test system was to install DB2, WAS, TDS, and ITIM all on the same box. Simple enough I figured. How wrong was I about that? I would hope that I don't have to hire an army of IBM professional services staff to install this test system.

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