Saturday, October 14, 2006

Buffalo get's pounded...

Wow, no one was ready for this one! Thursday evening we left work around 4:00pm. It was snowing, but not too bad. Traffic was slow though and we in my car pool were yelling at the slow pokes who forgot how to drive in the snow. Actually the roads seemed more like it was just raining because the snow wasn't really sticking to the roads yet. It was only 45 degress or so anyhow. Well as we got into Amherst it just got worse and worse. We stopped at our car pool spot and I cleaned off my car. The snow was so heavy it was like 4 inches of slush with a few inches of powder on top. Instead of going to the gym like I normally would on a Thursday I figured going straight home would be smarter because traffic would just be getting worse as the later it got. Good thing too because later that night people all over the Buffalo area started loosing power. We were fine at our house so I really didn't think anything of it.

The next morning though it was like Armageddon outside. The snow was just pounding the area and the trees and bushes were being flattened by the heavy slush/snow combination. I got up at about 6:30am thinking that I would still be going to work, but soon figured out everything was shut down. By mid day we saw reports that over 300,000 people were without power. Now usually a power outage in our area might last just a few hours, but the snow was bringing down trees all over Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs and taking power lines with them. I'll have to post some pictures as soon as I find a cable to transfer them off my camera phone. In the meantime pictures can be found:

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