Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't sneeze.... Don't even blink....

Round two. Second verse same as the first. I got no where with my TIM server since the TDS part of my installation just tanked. Not sure what the problem was, but since the TDS server would not start in anything but config only mode and I could not add the suffix to the directory I decided to attempt to remove the database and instance then re configure. This just kept getting worse and worse. I tried using the idsxinst tool and it looks like somehow I may have removed the instance with out the database. And once that was done, there was no way to get rid of the database from what I could tell. If I re-installed TDS and tried to create another instance and database with the same name, this failed. I decided it was time to start over.

Gotta love VMWare. Thankfully I simply reverted to my snapshot and I was back in business. Only I had to install Firefox and then the java plugin so that I could use the IBM download director to download all the Tivoli code again.

Once I got all the code again I took another snapshot so that will save me time if I end up back at the beginning again.

So this is attempt #2.

A.) All my user accounts are already created:

db2inst1 for the ITIM Instance
enrole for the ITIM user
db2admin for the db2 admin account
db2fenc1 for the db2 fenced account
idsldap for the TDS instance

B.) Installed db2 8.2

This went fine. I configured the db2inst1 instance and the install completed successfully.

C.) Next, I logged in as db2inst1 and ran the db2fs (First Start). Just for kicks, I ran the Control Center just to make sure things looked like they were installed right.

D.) Then I installed the db2 8.2 fixpack 1. This went well.

E.) Now is where the fun began. Time to create the TIM database. My db name will be itimdb.

So you login as the instance owner (In my case db2inst1)
Then type db2 at the prompt. This will put you in the db2 Command Line Interface (CLI)

F.) Now I'm supposed to type:

db2 => create db itimdb using codeset UTF-8 territory US

What I actually typed was
db2 => create db intimdb using codeset UTF-8 territory US

And I saw this the moment I hit enter and just instinctively I hit ctrl-c or something to that effect and I exited the CLI.

People, this is not good as I found out about 15 minutes later.

I typed db2 again at the prompt so I was right back in the CLI

This time I typed what I was supposed to type and it worked just fine:

db2 => create db itimdb using codeset UTF-8 territory US

Next, I had to type a few more commands to setup the database:
db2 => update db cfg for itimdb using applheapsz 2048
db2 => update db cfg for itimdb using app_ctl_heap_sz 1024

Again, both of those commands went successfully.

Now it was time to stop and start db2. NOT.

Stopping db2 was fine, but when I tried to start db2 here's what I got:

10/26/2006 21:10:26 0 0 SQL1042C An unexpected system error occurred.
SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019

This was about the point I wanted to scream, which is why I say don't sneeze and don't blink when you are setting this stuff up. It seems that one wrong move and you just blew up your database. I've looked at the db2diag.log file for some help and it basically shows some severe entries on the intimdb. It seems that maybe my whole instance is hosed. I've tried a lot of things so far, but nothing I do seems to make a difference.

I may just be getting set to start all over again.

Maybe the 3rd time will be a charm?

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