Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TAMeB 1st Timer

I'm now in the process of building TAMeB in my sandbox environment. I'm starting out basic with just a TAM Policy Server, Authorization Server, and WebSeal. I'll install these on 3 separate VMs. My TDS Servers are already built and clustered at my dc=MyOrg container. The only thing I'm not sure about is where I should install the Web Portal Manager for TAM. I guess I could just install it on the Policy server for now, but I'm not sure if in production this should be on it's own box or if I can simply install it on some existing WAS server or not. I've already got WAS running on the TIM server as well. Seems like WAS is quickly proliferating around my test environment.

I ran into an error at the end of installing the TAM Policy server. The installation completed with errors and when I reviewed the msg__ammgr_install.log I found very little telling why. This is really all I could see in the log:

(Dec 19, 2006 7:44:26 AM), Setup.product.install, com.tivoli.pd.install.ez.EZ_IsProductConfiguredCondition, dbg, EZ_IsProductConfiguredCondition.evaluateTrueCondition found .configure//opt/PolicyDirector/.configure/PDMgr-PD : false

I then began playing around with the pdconfig tool. This is a really nice tool which quickly allows you to unconfigure and reconfigure your policy server. What I found was when I tried to reconfigure the policy server this tool generated errors that were much more informative than the log. Essentially I was getting LDAP errors that indicated an object wasn't found or a suffix was not found or something to that effect. Whatever it was it led me to a developerworks posting that seemed similar. The fix was to to manually add the suffix secAuthority=Default in my TDS server. Once I took care of that the configuration of the Policy server completed successfully and it started up fine as well. Not sure why I had to add that suffix manually. I'm running TDS 6.0.

The authorization server was my next step and sure enough by the time I completed that installation, I had new errors to deal with. More on that later.


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