Tuesday, December 12, 2006

High Level Architecture TIM/TAM

This drawing shows how TIM and TAM are connected. Basically the feeds from the HR zone send the identities to ITIM. From there ITIM connects to applications as well as TAM via adapters to create accounts according to policy. The transaction database connected to the TIM (WebSphere App) is where all the audit tracking info is stored (who has access to what and who approved that access). The TIM LDAP is actually a TDS server(s) with all sorts of special objectclasses and attributes used by TIM. This should not be used as your enterprise LDAP and should be dedicated to ITIM. TAM is actually a managed resource as far as TIM is concerned so an adapter is used to connect TIM and TAM.


sumit said...

Thanks Charles for sharing this.
Could you also tell me a bit more about any integration challeges you faced with the TIM/TAM architecture?
I am comforable with TIM but have limited exposure to TAM, any document detailing the integration will help me try this out for my own setup.
Thanks once again.

Charles Ahart said...

The best recommendation I would have at this point is to download the TAM Combo Adapter for ITIM. There are some documents bundled with that adapter which go into some detail about integration between TIM and TAM as far as provisioning TAM users is concerned.

The Combo adapter is a great way to go because you only need one service to provision users to TAM whereas the old way required two services (one for the TAM registry and then one for TAM itself).

Hope this helps.


Gina Sorriento said...

Hello Charles,
Any chance you can refer a TIM & TAM consultant for a long term project in New Jersey? Really appreciate your input, tks!
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