Monday, February 18, 2013

IBM Security Brand

This is sort of old news, but for some folks its completely new stuff.  For a number of years I worked with IBM products in the Lotus brand and then the Tivoli brand.  Tivoli was a huge brand including many different kinds of software solutions from asset management to security.  I believe there were hundreds of software titles in the Tivoli brand.  The security products I worked with were a handful in the ocean of Tivoli products.  But at IBM there were other handfuls of security products sprinkled through-out the other brands.  With the acquisition of Q1 Labs IBM also announce a new brand called IBM Security.  Like Tivoli, IBM Security is its own business unit at IBM.  Most of the products from all of the other brands that had anything to do with security have been moved with-in the IBM Security organization.  This is good.  It helps IBM and partners articulate a consistent message and strategy to customers.  From support to development the expectation is that all of the products with-in the security organization will gain more consistency in development lifecycle, and will improve integrations between all of the security products.

So for those who are not up to speed on the new product names and versions, I'll mention some here

IBM Security Identity Manager (SIM) formerly known as IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
IBM Security Access Manager for eBusiness (SAM) formerly known as IBM Tivoli Access Manager for eBusiness
IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign On (SAM ESSO) formerly known as IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign On
IBM Security Directory Server formerly known as IBM Tivoli Directory Server

You kind of get the idea.  The acronyms are as silly as ever.

But there are other products from IBM which we are doing much more with:

IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance for one is a bundle of all of the IAM products and later in the year will likely include a SIEM solution again.

QRadar SIEM is a top notch security intelligence solution in the SIEM space and probably one of the best acquisitions IBM has made in security.

InfoSphere Guardium is another great IBM product top notch in data security.

AppScan is also head and shoulders above its competition in many ways and the market shows it.

So with all of these great solutions under one brand and the security division being led by a security guy, it has been very busy for us IBM leaning security people lately.

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