Monday, February 18, 2013

End of Life or New Beginning

I was inches from killing this blog once and for all.  For the past 2 years it sat idle collecting spam mainly.  Every now and then I would meet someone in my IBM circles who would say, "hey I think I've read your blog".  I'd replay, yeah I should really get out and do something about that thing.

Anyhow, Lots of reasons to not keep this thing going.  For one, I found it hard to mention in too much detail the kinds of things I was doing at customers sites.  Just trying to cleans the information was a task.  Second, it really did not attract a whole lot of input from the outside.  More often then not, someone was asking me a question about a problem they were having which would lead me on a wild goose chase to try and find a solution.  I hate not replying to people, but then again, I have a full time job already.  Thirdly, the material is a bit boring at times.

Well, times change and in my current role I actually do have more I could blog about than before.  But it still takes effort to get out here and say something half way intelligent.

So here it goes.  I'm going to try this again for a while and see if I can keep it up.  If it goes stagnant again, I'll just kill it altogether.

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I have a doubt regarding ITIM's LDAP directory schema. I searched but I didn't find why there is ou=0 under ou=accounts and ou=people?