Monday, June 11, 2007

Time Flys when you're busy

The last time I posted here was April 20. So what the heck have I been doing since then? I guess piling up a long list of things to blog about. So here's what I've been up to:

1.) Implementing the Notes Adapter for ITIM
2.) Implement new ITIM Self Care App and configure SSO with TAMeB
3.) Implementing the AD Adapter for ITIM
4.) SSO Between TAM WebSEAL, WebSphere Portal, and Domino (TAI++ vs LTPA)
5.) Attended a handful of sales engagements between NY and Boston
6.) Install and Test TAM eSSO
7.) Implement TIM in a High Availability configuration using WAS Network Deployment and HACMP clustering with AIX.
8.) Work on TAMeB WebSEAL Clustering and HACMP clustering for TAMeB
9.) Implement TIM Self Registration app from ITIM Examples.
10.) Pass the ITIM 4.6 Certification Exam

What I aim to do is post some more detail about these experiences in the coming weeks. It's tough when you spend most evenings actually working. The blog always takes a back seat. Also, now that the weather is nice here in Buffalo, I have to take advantage of that and cross off all the items on the "honey do" list. I just had a large patio poured behind my house. It's nice, but I've had to spend the last two weekends landscaping it. I figure maybe two more weekends before I'm done. I can't seem to convince my wife that I should be keeping my blog up to date instead of landscaping.

Anyhow, more on these topics later!

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adithan said...

Good Morning!

I have an issue connecting to the domino through ITIM, keep on getting error message "Error in opening the (NAMES.NSF) database". I have tried different options like editing the notes.ini , but no use.