Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Anybody searching for Passlogix?

OK, I have not worked with the TAM ESSO product for very long, but what seems to be quite common when deploying it is having to install, uninstall, and re-install the product a few times as you blow up your test systems trying out templates and MSI files. What is the deal with software that does not uninstall completely?

Every time you uninstall TAM ESSO, you have to go into the Registry and search all over for "passlogix" and delete all these keys manually. You would think by now that someone would get something right with this Windows OS.


Anonymous said...

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Jean-Pierre Savoie said...

I know the subject is a bit old, but technically, the only keys you leave on the PC are the ones in HKCU\Software\Passlogix (same behavvior as other software, it is y design) and the client config you added outside of the MSI package via the admin console. Technically, the best practice would be to include these settings in the msi (or use mst)to be sure nothing is left behind while removing. :)