Thursday, November 26, 2009

AccessStudio vanishes?

Anyone who has spent any considerable amount of time profiling applications must have noticed this. Your toiling away on a profile for hours, testing some password change workflow or something and suddenly AccessStudio just disappears into thin air. And at least the first time you saw this it was probably after having made numerous changes in the state machine without saving your work right? And to top it off, trying to simply re-launch AccessStudio wont help, because there are still pieces of it running somewhere in Windows voodoo land so it will complain if you attempt to run another test session. Chalk it up to yet another reason to re-boot your Windows machine.

Sorry, I have no solution, but am looking out for one. I have seen this problem in 8.0.0 and 8.0.1 so maybe the new 8.1 version will be better. I look forward to upgrading.

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Ben said...

I agree that the vanishing AS issue can be a real problem, but you can salvage your work by opening the xml files directly under the AS/temp folder.

Since upgrading to v8.1 this problem has disappeared due to the .net refinements, but for those of you that are still utilizing the older release you can normally kill the AccessStudio.exe and restart it without a problem.

However, I like to zip up the c:\program files\encentuate\accessstudio\temp folder before re-opening AS to backup the profile data. You can always recover any non-saved data by opening the files directly and pasting the meta data back into the xml editor.