Thursday, March 13, 2008

Will the real TAM ESSO please stand up?

At last IBM went all in and bought a full featured Single Sign-On product (see Encentuate) that it can now call its own instead of the OEM arrangement with Passlogix. Now we wont have to play this game where we call IBM for support and when they can't figure it out they go to Passlogix for a fix and maybe the problem gets resolved and maybe it doesn't. IBM has top notch tech support in my experience and while they have some great people fielding the current TAM ESSO calls, I think the new deal will make things much better.

As for the features and functions of the new TAM ESSO product (call it version 7), well from what I have seen in the past the Encentuate product has the goods, Web, Host Based, Java, and Client Server support, but one thing stands out for sure and that is the reporting built-in. I've heard from a number of customer who want to know who accessed what and when, etc... with respect to their users of SSO and there are some decent reports built-in to the Encentuate product that was lacking in the TAM ESSO 6 (Passlogix) product. I am working on getting my hands on the new stuff asap so I can kick the tires a bit. Maybe I'm a little strange, but I get excited when it's time to learn something new.

So what about the folks using the original TAM ESSO (Passlogix)? Certainly IBM has a strategy to migrate to the new stuff. I'll be getting some of those details very soon.

Press Release

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