Monday, April 16, 2007

Anyone out there ever Integrated Novell with TAM?

Novell has for a long time been a system used for file and print operations in organizations. Many organizations still use Novell for providing users with their Home directories. Somewhere along the way Novell developed an application which serves up these Home directories and files via a web browser. Novell calls this application NetStorage. A fairly basic application like this allows the user to login with a name and password and veiw their home directory and drag and drop files to and from it. Novell also has a product called iFolder. This application allows you to sync your files from the desktop and is also apparently a web based application. I would like to attempt to protect these applications behind TAM WebSEAL. I'll start with a Windows server and I have already downloaded the eDirectory 8.7.3 code. Before you install Novell you have to acquire a license so I have completed the form for the license and am waiting for a response from Novell so that I can try this out.

If anyone out there has ever attempted this, please let me know your results.

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