Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crossed over to the other side...

So last week I was an IBM customer. This week I am an IBM Business Partner. Or another way of putting it I was a customer, now I'm a consultant. New role, new hat, new perspective on many things.

My first day on the new job was your usual orientation type of thing. How to access the various HR and house keeping applications. How time is managed, who the important people are when you need help, etc.... It was a very productive day. One of the highlights was a fabulous Chinese restaurant P.F. Chang's China Bistro. Now usually I would prefer a local restaurant to a chain, but this was outstanding. Chang's Spicy Chicken was sooo good. Just melted in your mouth. They have these lettuce wraps with I think chicken or pork and you literally place the mixture in these little lettuce "cups" and wrap it up like a tortilla. Then we had the Pin Rice Noodle Soup which was awesome. It had a good kick to it, but not too much. The best part of P.F. Chang's is that you leave feeling satisfied, but not sick like I often do after eating from a typical fast food Chinese restaurant. I wish we had a P.F. Changs here in the Buffalo area. This is well worth it if you ever find one near by.

Right into the fire, my second day was at a customer site. This is where I will likely be for quite a while aside from a bunch of scheduled training I have between now and July 1. So I hooked up with most of the project team from my company and partner companies along with some folks employed by the customer. Quite a team of people here. So far we are well into architecture with a Tivoli architect (ITIM) guy, a TAM guy (IBM), some project managers (our side, customer side) and an army of various technical and managerial folks. I'm shadowing for now to build on the experience and knowledge I already have and hopefully I'll be contributing during the implementation phase.

So off I go learning as much as I can about the needs of my new customer and how we will solve those needs with Tivoli software.

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